Your Review Your Way Challenge

Exciting new challenge for you to choose one of four ways to submit a book review:


1.    Written 

2.   Video Skit

  •     Act out your favorite scene in a book

  •     Feel free to make it a group effort! Ask your friends to play different roles in the skit 

  •     3-minute limit 


3.    Podcast

  • ​    Same requirements as a written review 
  •     Don't need advanced technology- a voice memo on iPhone can do the trick
  •     4-minute limit


4.    Letter to the author

  •     Write a mock letter to the author describing how their book affected you on a personal level, and what        lessons you take away from it

  •     250-650 words



        All submissions will be posted on the Teen Book Lover website

         Authors of the top 3 submissions in each category will be further           featured on the website