Andromeda Strain

By Ronak Dhingra

Genre: Science Fiction

Date of Publication: 1969

Author: Michael Crichton

Number of Pages: 357

The novel, The Andromeda

Strain, takes place over five, event packed days. An alien (from an outer space virus) is brought to Piedmont, Arizona, and wipes out the whole town. The virus is brought to this small town in Arizona by a secret government satellite that was put into outer space by the United States of America. The “Wildfire” team consisting of four scientists (working in a 22 million dollar laboratory underneath the Nevada desert) have to study this organism which they have code named “Andromeda”. Dr. Mark Hall is declared the “Odd Man” because of a study that demonstrated that single men made better decisions under immense pressure. As the “Odd Man”, Dr. Mark Hall receives a special key that can turn off the self-destruct nuclear device. The Wildfire Laboratory is programmed with a self destruct nuclear device that will destroy the building in the case of emergency.

My favorite quote is "Immediately, they saw it: a tiny black fleck of jagged material no larger than a grain of sand. There seemed to be bits of green mixed in with the black.” This is my favorite quote because the quote describes the object extremely well.

My favorite character in this novel is Dr Mark Hall. He is quick-thinking, hard-working, and sharp.

Some themes include "how the intelligence of man can lead to his downfall."

People Should read The Andromeda Strain because it is an intense, compulsive novel about an interesting idea that extraterrestrial life can come to earth.

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