By Raag Venkat

Sci-Fi/Adventure Author- Antony John Number of Pages- 326 Favorite Quote- "It was as if having no element was contagious. And who could risk losing their greatest power?" The most powerful secrets are the ones that stay hidden. When plague spreads across the globe, a small group of people had escaped their main town in a desperate attempt to escape its deadly embrace. The small colony settled down on a remote island. The members of the colony - the Guardians and their Apprentices - all possess the ability to read and manipulate air, water, fire, or earth. They use it to find food, summon fire,and predict the violent storms that often hit the island.16 year old Thomas always been an outsider of his colony being the first child without an element- earth, water, wind, or fire- so he has almost no purpose in his colony. Or so the guardians, or “protectors of the elements” would have him believe. One day, in the wake of an unforeseen storm, the colony is forced to go to another island to take refuge, but what they don’t know is that desperate pirates also came to claim the island as their own. When the Guardians and all adults go to their hometown after the storm, they disappear and never come back for the children. Thomas and his friends soon figure out that pirates have taken their parents and the Guardians, burned the only home they have ever known to the ground, and now they are after them. Thomas and his friends have to fight for survival against the harsh pirates in the remains of an old abandoned settlement. But the secrets that Thomas figures out, like the truth about the plague, the colony, and himself will unlock secrets that Thomas has never imagined, and will turn his world upside down leaving a future more dangerous then he can imagine. Favorite Character- My favorite character is Alice, one of Thomas’ friends because she is so brave and will always go for things without turning back on the people she cares about. She is ready to fight for the truth, but also was sensitive to other peoples needs. She is courageous, resourceful, fierce, and thoughtful. Why read it?- You should read Elemental because it is truly a thrilling adventure topped with powerful moments. It has stunning plot twists and visuals. This fantasy book has long buried secrets, ruthless villains, and protagonists to cheer on! It has an amazing plot with lots of action and adventure. The plot line is mysterious, and exciting with lots of suspense. You won’t be able to put it down. I would recommend this book for Pre-teens, and teenagers who want to read a great sci-fi/fantasy adventure!

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