Lord of the Flies

By Sarim Naqvi

Book- Lord of the Flies Genre - Fiction Date of Publication - 1954 Amount of pages - 248 "'Maybe there is a beast . . . .maybe it's only us.'" - William Golding The Lord of the Flies starts out when a British plane, fleeing from a fictional Nuclear war, crashes on or near an isolated island in a remote region of the Pacific Ocean. The only survivors are some schoolboys- fair-haired Ralph, and an overweight boy nicknamed “Piggy”. Ralph ends up finding a conch shell into which he blows, attracting the rest of the survivors. As the boys look around, they notice that none of the adults survived. The throng of children quickly elect Ralph as their chief, and they find out that there is a snake that could possibly threaten the group’s survival. There is plenty of food on the island, but the conflict arises from the fear of the “Beast” as one of the children named Jack is jealous of Ralph being the leader and instills doubt into the minds of the kids. There is a dark undertone in this book because some of the children end up murdering each other. Lord of the Flies is a favorite of many famous authors such as Stephen King and Suzanne Collins. Major themes in this book include primitivity, rules, and order. Primitivity is a prevalent theme in Lord of the Flies because it shows how a group of children acts when there are no adults to watch over them. Rules are also a critical theme because the children needed order so that they could survive longer together.

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