Going Wild

By Quentin Balestri


Date of Publication- 2016

Author- Lisa McMann

Number of pages- 375

Favorite Quote- “Charlie, it’s time. You know what to do.”

Charlie Wilde was bummed about moving to Arizona, until she found a bracelet. After putting it on, she noticed odd things started to happen. Suddenly, Charlie has the speed of a cheetah and the strength of an elephant! The only problem is that she has no idea how to use the device or control her amazing powers! Charlie and her friends, Maria and Mac, have to find out how to use the device and fast!

Favorite Character- My favorite character is Mac, because he is a tech genius and even though he is sometimes sensitive, he helps other people with their technical issues.

Why you should read it? - You should read the book Going Wild because it is a very funny book, a page turner, and just overall a great and exciting book!

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