The Prey

By Alison Thieberg

Genre: Dystopia/Thriller

Date of publication: January

20th 2015

Author: Tom Isbell

Number of pages: 416

Favorite quote: “So I kissed her. I leaned forward and slid my hands on either side of her face and brought it gently forward and kissed her—our lips pressing against each other in a kind of quiet desperation. We had kissed once before, but that was clumsy and hurried and maybe even accidental. This time, it was no accident . . . and we were in no hurry. When we finally pulled away, my body radiated warmth.”

Favorite character: Hope. She is independent, curious, and fearless, which makes her a strong character.

Themes: Love, determination, death, and friendship.

Why should people read it?

Other than having a boat load of tips on how to survive the apocalypse, this book gives you heart pounding action, cringe worthy moments, and nonstop romance!


If you liked The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner, you will definitely like this! The Prey is the new apocalyptic smash hit by genius author, Tom Isbell. This heart pounding, romance filled thriller follows the lives of two teenagers, Book and Hope, on their quest to find happiness and love in their dystopian world. After a nuclear holocaust called Omega wipes out most of the population, mankind has to decide who are the hunters and who are the hunted. Those who are not deemed worthy by society become “less thans” and “sisters”.This book follows a "less than" named Book, who was deemed unworthy by the society, and a sister named Hope. Hope is a runaway taken to Camp Freedom, and Book is a less than from Camp Liberty. Throughout both of their lives, they have always felt misunderstood. Book feels trapped after the death of his best friend K2. Hope is longing for happiness after the death of her father. Hope has always been the strong one. Unfortunately, her twin sister Faith becomes very ill and weak. After Book is able to escape Camp Liberty, he runs into Hope. They had never met before but know one thing; they belong together. Book and Hope cannot stop thinking of each other while they are apart, and the thought of never seeing each other again drives them crazy. Dr. Gallingham uses Hope and Faith as medical test subjects. If you have a fear of doctors, he’s your worst nightmare. During this time a subplot is revealed about Hope's father and his troubling past. This is a must reed for a reader who loves romance, survival, and apocalyptic dystopian worlds! This book has a way of giving you just enough information to the point where it drives you crazy! You won't be able to put it down! So, what is the true nature of Hope and Faith's father? Will Hope and Book ever see each other again? Will Faith survive to see the exit to camp freedom? And finally, who will be the hunters, and who will be the hunted? Find out in the book The Prey by Tom Isbell!

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