Samurai Rising

By Ricky Sunderland

Author: Pamela S. Turner

Genre: Fiction

Number of pages: 236

Date of publication: Feb. 2016

Samurai Rising is the Epic story of a man named Minamoto Yoshitsune. This story is an incredible historic depiction of a man who singlehandedly changed the course of Japanese history. At the age of four, Minamoto's father is slain along with his older brothers. However, Minamoto's life was spared under the condition that he enter monkhood at the proper age. Even so, Minamoto learned of his father's true death and escaped the monastery to start a rebellion aginst his father's killer's regime over Japan. So begins the story of the most legendary and revered samurai in all Japanese history.

I would recommend this book for anyone above the age of 12. The fast-paced action stories in this novel are made for anyone with an adventurous soul. However, I would like to state, that very few people die of natural causes in this book. Also, there is an innumerable amount of beheading. If you still feel up to the task, go to your local bookstore and purchase a copy of "Samurai Rising" by Pamela S. Turner.

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