Inherit the Wind

By Drewv Desai

Genre: Courtroom Drama/Political Drama

Date of publication:1955.

Authors: Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

In this amazing and drama filled book there are 144 pages, even though it is not much the words they use are powerful and have a deep meaning. My favorite quote from this book is “Lord, we call down the same curse on those who ask grace for this sinner-though they be blood of my blood, and flesh of my flesh!" –Reverend Brown. This book is about a teacher who breaks the law and teaches Darwin’s Theory of Evolution in a public school. That is illegal in Tennessee because it says that the Bible is made up! He is take to court and has the noble Henry Drummond defend him. This book is so surprising you will not want to put it down! My favorite character is E.K Hornbeck, he is a reporter that travels down from the New England area to write an article on this trial, he is so witty and sarcastic he makes to book funnier. People should read this book because its funny, action packed, and has many themes and teaches a good lesson!

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