Jurassic Park

By Sami Khan

Summary: People said that dinosaurs are extinct. They said that all dinosaurs died 65 million years ago. They also said that it is impossible that dinosaurs are still alive. Well, now that has all been proven wrong. Dinosaurs have somehow come back alive on a Costa Rican Island called Isla Nublar! Rabid, vicious, malicious creatures are back from the dead far off the coast of Costa Rica. Mr. John Hammond, the owner of the bioengineering firm called InGen, and also previous dinosaur fanatic, funded the project that created these beasts. Now they roam that island hunting, scavenging, and looking for prey. Dr. Alan Grant, a certified paleontologist, goes with a couple of friends to check out the island. Little did he know that they would escape. Will they survive? Read more to find out!

Favorite Character: Ian Malcolm - Vibrant personality, awesome, and cool. Author really embraces the character!

Themes: Dangers of tech, the hupia (read to find out about it)

Why should people read it: It will keep you on the edge of your seat until you finish the book. Great read, with scientific details as well.

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