Storm in the Barn

By Lojo

Genre- historical fiction/folktale/graphic novel

Date of Publication- Sep. 8, 2009

Author- Matt Phelan

Pages- 208

Favorite Quote: “Sometimes we think things- even hear voices in our heads- that seem to make sense, seem to be the way thing are.” By Ernie, the store clerk

Have Americans forgotten about those bloody, painful times that went by so slowly in the 1930s? Storm In the Barn is basically the exact duplicate of this situation. Eleven year old Jack, (living in Kansas) along with his sisters, parents, and his neighbors know a bit about poverty, depression, and anxiety. Especially dealing with a sister that is seriously ill, a cross father, from the lack of rain destroying his crops, and only to rely on fables from a book, and his mother’s stories of her past. A drought has been underway since Jack was seven, and he and his family, and neighbors are desperate for the rain. When his old neighbor's barn gives out a radiant light one night, Jack finds himself suspicious. With no one to believe him, he must keep a secret of what he saw in the barn. What will he do as a result of his findings?

Favorite Character- My favorite character is Jack, because he goes through pretty rough times with no one to rely on. If I could describe him in three words, he would be:

courageous, daring, and valiant.

Themes- believe, have pride in what you’re doing, and never doubt yourself when you know you are doing your best.

Why should people read this? They should read it because most people take for granted of what they have especially -food and water. In the 1930s, during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression, many families suffered and many people today don’t realize what it was like back then. This graphic novel by Phelan, gives a great perspective of that with a bit of a twist to it!

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