The Fourteenth Dalai Lama

By Rainbow

Genre: Non- Fiction/ Graphic Novel/ Manga

Date of Publication: July 2014

Author: Tetsu Saiwai

Number Of Pages: 208

Favorite Quote : “I will cherish beings of bad nature, and those oppressed by strong sins and suffering, as if I had found a precious treasure very difficult to find.” - Dalai Lama

This is an exceptional story about the tragedies faced by the Dalai Lama and his people. The 14th Dalai Lama was forced to leave Lhasa (to seek refuge in India), after a riot had formed. The conditions of his dangerous trip included frigid temperatures and rocky terrain. He received shocking news that China had attacked on innocent citizens of Tibet. As more citizens are murdered, capitols are being destroyed, his world around him started to fall apart.

What will he do and does he have the power and courage to save Tibet from China’s forces? As the once peaceful country is turned into a war zone, full of death and hate, it is up to the Dalai Lama to keep his composure and peacefully regain control of the country. The Manga styled text tells the heart wrenching story about tragedy, courage, and determination. I personally can’t believe that while he was under so much stress and pressure ( at the young age of 24) , he remained peaceful, calm and true to his Buddhist beliefs during this rough and tragic time.

My favorite character was the Dalai Lama. He was brave and strong even when the entire country of China was trying to eliminate him, his followers and take over his country. He keeps his cool and never resorted to violence.

Themes: Courage, Buddhism, Peacefulness, and Compassion

Why would you recommend it: I would recommend this book for only ages of 12 twelve and up, since it’s a serious book with a very important message.

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