The Bridge Over the River Kwai

By Naren Ram

Author: Pierre Boulle

Pages: 176

Published: 1952

The Bridge Over the River Kwai is a fiction book about a Japanese POW camp in Siam that build a bridge over the river and the British’s efforts to destroy the bridge. This book has many interesting dialogues that create a good plot with many sudden changes. The book starts off with Colonel Nicholson and his troops being captured off the Philippines. During the moments after their surrender and their waiting to be captured, the Colonel gives a important speech about how they should stay out and not escape because it was an undignified and non-European thing to face a issues (this was written by a French man just after the war so opinions of Japanese are very low.) This sense of English dignity is common through out the book as the Colonel and his sergeants drive the men in the construction of the bridge that they are being forced to work on. The men execute their tasks with the so called British perfection. As the work progresses steadily faster than when the Japanese where in charge, a British sabotage team plans out a three man team to destroy the bridge that their comrades are working on. The sabotagers team up with local anti-Japanese peasents who help them navigate the operation. Find out what happens when the British Colonel learns of the sabotage and the eventual fate of the bridge of the river Kwai.

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