Making Bombs for Hitler

By Lauren Singer

Genre: Historical fiction

Author: Martha Skrypuch

Quote: “ Wherever you go, I go”- Lida

Summary: During World War II, a 9-year-old girl gets separated from her family. She is taken on a train to a Nazi camp where she meets a couple of friends that help her through her tough times at the camp. She fakes her age, which supports her to keep her alive. Later, she is introduced to being transported from cleaning in the laundry room, to the terror of making bombs in a factory for Hitler himself. One day, the guard doesn’t come back, and that was the time for them to make their move. When things start to go downhill, she has to escape with or without her friends. Her mother always told her to find beauty wherever she goes. Will she find happiness again? Read to find out more!

Favorite Character: Lida - determined, selfless, and caring

Themes: Always find beauty where you least expect it. It will go farther than you think.

Why to read it: This book is a great read because it is very intriguing, with many twists and turns that leads you to unexpected surprises. It has lots of cliffhangers that leave thinking the unexpected after. I advise you to be 11 or older to read this historical fiction book because it takes a lot of background knowledge and understanding to read this book.

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