By Lane Herbert

Genre- Fantasy

Date of Publication- March 27,2007

Author- Cassandra Clare

Number of pages-485

Favorite quote- "To love is to destroy. To be loved is to be destroyed."

Summary- Clarissa (Clary) Fray is a somewhat normal teenage girl living in New York. One night, when Clary and her best friend Simon head out to the Pandemonium Club for all ages, Clary witnesses a murder. this is not any ordinary murder, for it is a murder that not only is committed by teenager covered in what looks to be burns or tattoos but is also a murder only she can see. Within a series of alarming and life changing events over the short period of 24 hours, Clary is brought into another world where people fight demons. However, she learns that not just any sort of people fight demons, only those who are Shadow hunters. She along with golden haired Jace, beautiful Isabel, protective Alec, and her best friend Simon encounter forces much too dangerous. Read City of Bones to find more!

Favorite Character- Jace: mystery,courage,pain

Themes- Loss, Love, Sacrifice, Understanding, Truth, Honor , Acceptance, Equality

Why Should people read this book? - People should read this book because it is a riveting and dangerous tale of sacrifice, courage, love, and loss. The book is very interesting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Clary must make choices that not only affect her but affect the people around her too. Reading the book impacts you because this is a fantasy book whose setting is a realistic world. I related to this book because it shows real life choices that are difficult and you get to see how sertain characters react and handle these choices. To all who loved the Divergent Series and Hunger Games ... DEFINITELY MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!!

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