The Boy in the Alamo

By Jesse Bartlett

The Boy In The Alamo

Genre- Historical Fiction

Date of Publication-1983

Author-Margaret Cousins

Number of pages -180

Favorite Quote - “Give me liberty or give me death”(11).

Themes - Bravery, Don’t judge a book by its cover, Patriotism, Motivation, Determination, Independence


In the late 1800s, a boy named Will goes off to the Alamo. He goes to fight for independence from Mexico especially Santa Anna. Along the way he meets Colonel Crockett, Colonel Grey, and other people. When he goes off to fight, he makes new friends. Even though he makes new friends, others doubt him. They think he is too small to fight. Throughout this story, Will becomes stronger.

Favorite character: Will, because he is determined to fight for freedom against all odds. He is brave beyond his age and he does not give up, even if he is treated unfairly.

People should read this book because it teaches you about history and character growth. People who love historical fiction or people who are going to the Alamo should read this book.

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